Fair Trade

Our Fair Trade credentials mean that we guarantee premium prices for our farmers produce. A much higher price than they would receive in the local market. This increased income gives them the means to better care for their families and farm more effectively.

As well as offering higher prices for their produce Biofresh provides annual amenities for our farmers’ communities. Over the years Biofresh has provided farming communities with a huge range of assets such as water tanks, solar panels to power homes and mobile phones to help farmers communicate.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Mable Nsereko is a 25 year old farmer who was contracted by Biofresh to produce organic Pineapple. Here’s what she has to say;

“We started with 1.5 acres of pineapple fields and now there are 2 acres. So far, I have bought three indigenous cows and 10 piglets, and built a new permanent house. Four of my six children are attending school and have not missed a single term. They also met their health and clothing needs,”

Another farming family, the Kaboggozas, have used their returns to renovate their house, meeting basic needs, paying children school fees and having some petty cash. In addition, they have also benefited from interest-free loans, farming inputs and a 3,000 litre water tank provided by BioFresh to farmers.